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Get the most for the timber on your property! 

Max My Trees Timber Advising is an all-in-one timber advising agency, assisting clients in making sure they get the most for their timber.  Serving clients across the whole United States. 

We have helped landowners make over $700 more per acre for their timber, compared to their last timber cut. 

What We Do

Services we offer

maximize your timber SAle

Our #1 goal is to maximize the value of your timber on your private land tract. The way we are able to do this is by accessing our vast network of professional foresters and timber buyers to make sure you receive top dollar for your timber, regardless where in the U.S. you are located.  

oversee process beginning to end

Getting your trees timbered can be confusing, a long process and raise many questions. We assist and facilitate the process from beginning to end to ensure all you have to do is collect a check. The process itself can be several months, and we make sure the  whole process is seamless.  

inform you on the value of your timber

Many landowners do not realize the potential value they have in the standing timber on their property. Timber is at an all-time high, and there are many buyers out there who are interested in your trees. We take the guess work out of wondering what your timber may be worth. 


why we care so much about your timber.

Private timber is big money. The price of private timber in some parts of the nation exceeds $2000/acre. Landowners sometimes do not realize the amount of income potential they have in standing timber. Unfortunately, timber buyers and 'professionals' in the industry also know this, and they often low ball the landowners, even though the landowners believe they are receiving a favorable agreement. Wouldn't you like to get full price for your timber? Depending on the size of your tract, this could mean tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in dollars in your pocket. 

At Max My Trees, we use 30 years of professional experience to make sure selling your timber is as profitable and seamless as possible. We work with land professionals across the United States, helping you realize the value you may have with the standing timber on your land. We specialize in connecting landowners like ourselves with our network of the best timber professionals in the area to maximize your timber value. If you have land with 20 acres or more of mature standing timber on it, we are the professionals you have been looking for. We work for you. 

We began helping landowners such as yourself following a bad personal experience selling our own timber. A few timber buyers presented us with subpar offers, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars from our own timber sale. Lacking the necessary knowledge at that time, we mistakenly believed we were securing a favorable agreement. However, we have since acquired invaluable strategies and established connections with forestry consultants and timber buyers in all states that we can leverage to ensure your land receives optimal value and aid you in navigating the intricacies of the process.


 PAst Projects (June 2023)

Greenwood valley

  • Acres: 102
  • Timber Sale Price: $204,100 
  • Total Time: 6 months

$204,100 to client

Fairview drive

  • Acres: 11
  • Timber Sale Price: $31,294 
  • Total Time: 3 months

$31,294 to client

Potter County

  • Acres: 71
  • Timber Sale Price: $243,210 
  • Total Time: 4 1/2 months

$243,210 to client


Our Clients Love Us

Brent, PA


I used Max My Trees after being told by a neighbor I had harvestable timber. I did not want to be involved in the process and Colton at Max My Trees took control of the whole process, and I got way more for my timber than I expected. I used the timber money to pay off the rest of our farm and begin building another pole barn.So easy and profitable and will recommend to other landowners. 

Logan, TN


I have had my timber cut before, but the company  I used did not compensate me fairly and they left my woods looking terrible. I used Max My Trees and the process couldnt have been more opposite than my previoius bad experience. Max My Trees promised and showed me how they would make my forest sustainable after  the cut and they also got me almost 3x what I got on my first cut. 


Colton, VT


I originally never had my trees harvested because of how hard I heard the process was. I truly did not do anything except collect a check from Max My Trees, they took care of the whole process and did it all in under 5 months. Excited to use them again in a few years. 100% recommend to anybody looking to get their timber harvested. 

If your answer is 'Yes' to any of these questions..

Do You have Timber on your land but dont know what to do next?

Do you want to have your property timbered but dont know best way to go about it?

Do you want the most money for your timber?

do you want all questions answered about timber harvesting?

Do you want the best professionals and stewards in the u.s. harvesting your timber and putting a check in your pocket?

you have come to the right place!

Fill out our form below to take the next steps to getting your property timbered. There is no cost to this.
WARNING: Do not discuss harvesting your timber with foresters and timber buyers you do not know or trust. 


how many acres of timber do i need to get it harvested?

Generally, we recommend 20 acres or more of mature hardwoods in order to begin the process of getting it timbered. However, there are cases where your tract may be smaller with valuable timber on it, and we can asses those cases. 

How old does my timber have to be to get timbered?

The process of having mature timber harvested usually takes place every 10 years. If you have timber that is mature and has not been harvested in at least 10 years then you should be able to have your timber harvested. 

what is required of me to have my timber harvested?

Depending on how involved you want to be, this process can be time-consuming on your part, or require absolutely nothing from you. As trusted land advisors, we allow you to be as hands on as you want during the process, or we will take control and facilitate the complete process so all you have to do is collect a check.

Is timbering my land good for the woods and environment?

Absolutely. There are foresters and loggers out there who do not restore the forest or maintain good stewardship in the process, however we never work with these types of people. When we timber a woods, our main focus is to take out large mature timber. By taking out these trees specifically it promotes undergrowth and development of surrounding trees and life. A good land advisor will not only make sure you get top dollar for your timber, but will also establish forest regrowth with ethical cutting practices that allows your timber to go quicker and healthier so that you can do another cut sooner. 

What are the steps if I want to sell my timber?

The first step is giving us a call and letting us inform you how the timber process will work. Without an advisor, you may deal with a forestry entity yourself, such as a logger or sawmill, and when this happens clients usually lose out on a lot of money as they are not given the full value for their timber. Unfortunately, this happens very often. The first step is dealing with an advisor that makes sure you will not be taken advantage of, and has your best interests as a landowner. 

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Are you ready to explore having your timber harvested? If you or somebody you know is ready to work with the timber advisors that will guarantee you top dollar for your timber, fill out this form and we will be in touch quickly. 

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